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Excuses for the translation by Yahoo. I still have to correct all.


Miranda Schellingerhout (born october 1964) work as a sjamaan (without rituals) if a type human total scans body and psyche. Large brought as born and baptised Jehovah's Witness, with actions in shares, chamber rent, buy/sale of houses, breeding Yorkshire Terriers and racehorses, been jockey and skiteacher, later operative as book keeper, Miranda developed her gift on the day of death of her dear mother.

Now she works as a sjamaan and can see als from distance e.g. of TV, journal, animals, someone who is not present, deceasedes).

This experience formed the beginning of a new phase in living. Her father was for years a sjamaan. Her Russian great-grandmother of fathers squares was also a sjamaan. Her grandpa of mothers squares (of French source) was a medium, magnetiseur and hypnotist.

With the gift she can feel the most of pain and emotional complaints of PEOPLE and ANIMAL IN HER OWN BODY. People call Miranda human scan.

Miranda can see in the psyche of people and animal what is to the hand there and there what to put on is. Also the person feels the healing impact which she passes on (on distance) by being only at the person present. This is also an form of sjamaan healing. Certain events she can see in the future, however not everyting.



The teatment starts with reading where the person is loaded directly by sjamaanse spiritual healing. At several places in the body gradually can sensation to warmth.  During the session contact can come there with a deceased or problems from the past comes up.

Then Miranda works with traditional homeopathy, blossom therapy and resonance therapy.

Treatments; Sjamaanse spiritual healing, readings, chanelling, guides, paranormal clairvoyant, medium, animal clairvoyant, animal medium, baby clairvoyant, relation therapy, blossom therapy, homeopathy, resonance therapy, concersation therapy, counseling, coaching, treatment aura protection, treatment new age childs, human body and mental scan for present people but also for not present people and animals

Treatment among other things for asthma, absences, too high breathing, allergy, pancreas, fear, anorexia, ADHD, ADD, acne, face pain/ultrasounds, artrose, aura cleaning, thaking over someones energy, car mutilation, uterus, bladder, painful udders, borderline behaviour, accompaniment paranormal development, concentration impairments, memorandum of head pain, depression, bowels, dream explanation, giddiness, coercion neurosis, eczema, ovaries, energy shortage, fibromyalgie, failure, mental balance, (faster convalescence at) influenza, weight control, hormonal impairments, head pain, hyperventilation, outburst, skin, inner assessment, Galle, cramps, cold feeling, liver, libido, lymph, flatulence, spleen, ME, menstrual complain, migraine, ring (with tensed up ring muscles), kidneys, nervousness, neurological head pain, uncertainty, disorder, overweight accompaniment on the paranormal path, panic attacks, worry, pfeiffer, prostate, PMS, mental overload, rheumatisme, restless leg, RSI, back, passage, eyes, unchoking problems, accompaniment on the path of sjamanisme, insomnia grant lighting, tension head pain, formality in muscles and joints, perspiration, traumatism processing, tremors, fatgue, sun allergy, weakness feeling, recommendation business

Especially in mental area she can offer to aid and knows most infallible here the resources. The blossoms are used for this treatment and the one she works with are; Alaska, Findhorn, Rainbow Forest, Californische, Pacific, Florais stings, Light Wesen, Desert Alchemy, Living Light , Australian Bush Flower, Perelandra Orchid, Living Essences of Australia, Himalayan Flower Enhacers, Yana child remedies, Shamans Journey, White Light essences, Australian Bush Light Frequency essences, Orchis essences, Range of Light essences, Perelandra MBP system, Yana Chakra remedies.

By years experience in the matter world, Miranda can give recommendations to clairvoyant using her gift concerning place immovable property business and financial. Coaching for companies and employees who have got booged down, also belong to the possibilities.

You can indicate in advance yourself which treatment you prefer.

A consult is normal a sjamaanse healing with reading with claivoyant, scanning body and mental followed with the therapy with two flask resonance/homeopathy/blossom therapy with extra for free a couple homeopathic grains.

Miranda needs nothing to do a reading. Only directing on the energy of the person, she can scan the body and mental and see the future of everyone.

Physical and mental scan is also by telephone possible.

Workshop sjamanisme

A route or workshop to obtain accompaniment on the paranormal and sjamanistisch life path aslo belongs to the possibilities. This implies that we in the couple we yielded once an appointment to open healing strenghts and several blossoms helping healing strenghts by means of my sjamaan strenght. Also one gets that moment a remedy composed by Miranda to stimulate the higher conscience. At each session you get a remedy.  Afterwards I will give firstly the concerning person inauguration result of which the higher conscience will be opened to     During the sjamaanse inauguration pictures come by where blockade sits. These I immediately remove. Also the person can see pictures and certain emotion experiences as a result to understand them how and where they stand in living.



Aura is frequently described as an energy filed around the body. They chance continuously of form and colour in the team other energy fields in the surroundings. In 1960 the Russian developed Kirlian  a phphotographic technique which could the energy of plant, kristals, animals and people fix. Kirlian photograpy could show what the impact was of spiritual cicatris blossom essences. Each colour in the aura arises by energy centres which lie along the whirling column. If we geel good, we radiating a rain arc body. Feeling bad it will be cloudly. Research has shown that water has a memory. This way conversation water in which flower lay porbably an impression of properties. Flower lets healthy properties loose in water, therby has been helped by the magnetic sun energy. Another concept in ultrasound medicine is the resontie. The impression of a flower resonates in a very small amount by the complete energy system. thereby become gradually the aura with colour impregnated. The main impact of an essence is that we will understand by what is to the hand by us. This comes by the increasing vitality in the ethereal body. Psychomatic sicknesses are the consequence of biochemical changes which are caused by reinforcing or oppressing certain feelings. Blossom essences is used as a type conscince catalyst. They help to replace us for negative emotion by occuring positive and for this way of sickness. It makes you emotional stronger. The blossom essences gives an inversion in your psyche. At the impact is after ingestion faster than at the other one. By first scanning mental, Miranda can make her combination of a lot of blossoms which very rapidly change the psyche of people and animal. Generally you can be helped with 1 session already a complete piece on gone. However a larger and permanent change to reach, a continuation session is desirable. This barrage I entirely to the person self. At each session you get other compostions of blossoms which change in your psyche.

Miranda works with essences which everyone is made unique on the basis of mny years sjamanistische and holistic study and experience.

A essence/remedie exists from;

- a lot of different blossoms in pure form

- several homeopathic resources, fytotherapy and gemmo therapy in pure form

- bio enegertic means len with an unique high ultra sound number of resonance

- they are composed from my sjamanistische strength

Because each eessence is completely made for the person scanned by me, each essence is unique in combination.

By the unique combination in 1 time the body and the pschyche are treated.

In 2 essences/remedie flasks several combinations of several types of blossoms go, completely coordinated on the person whom as a result of at leaast 130 blossoms contain.



Coaching questions

For some years Miranda for several companies with paranormal recommendations have worked.

The questions which are among other things asked and are answered several:

             Does my company will gain the same profit as the previous year?

             Money-saving action certain does there does have be undertaken and if so, which?

             Concerning which work area can expect we still greater orders?

             We will be reported to get on our offers?

             How can we can better sell our product and in the interest to get?

             If we establish our letter this way, do we get then there the desired result on or which letter set-up will give, however, the correct result?

             Do we get desired credit?

             Can we can get still a refund and from which angle do come these?

             We have we want someone whom adopt but have a mixed feeling. This is the correct person?

             Can we can the person whom we trust who has put function complete or sit there double an agenda?

             We a certain marketing has been possible trust company, we then?

             Do we do have will start a Internet shop?

             Why a certain company does not cooperate. Is our offer not well or does play there what differently?

             Do we get down our payments all?

             If we do certain investments, will produce that the desired result?

             Do we do have contract a contract with the aimed at model and this positive for marketing will unpack?

             Do we do have go with the current model further for the campaign or renewal will improve to be for marketing and convert?

             Will the models agreement go with the conditions?

             We want will involve another office premises, are that the correct choice must continue sit or we but where we?

             We want open several matter in several cities, which there will run well and we can leave which better?

             We a lawsuit runs against a company, has been possible we of it certain problems expect?

             For a certain publicity campaign we want engage stand a someone, because of this our product in the picture will come and give the desired result?

             Is a shop in a certain city well will run or is possible them improves in another city a shop to open?

             On which area can gain I inspiration still more to create a new product?

             I do not get bogged down with my work and bowl further. What does me stop?

             At reorganisations; do I continue preserve my job and which departments disappear there?

             How I come from my burn out. Do I have change job or my elaboration?

             Why it seems that a complete group people against me is. Do I do something found oneself and against me am effectively worked there?

             The pleasure in my work has disappeared, how gets himself motivated I?

             The confidence in my work surroundings has disappeared, must I leave or must I with certain people in conversation go?

             My boss leaves. Am I possible with the continuator, however, well along?

             Why certain interactions do not run good. Which indicator do I deliver apparently?

             Why I must wait this way long for change and I completely have got bogged down. How do I change my life direction?

             I can choose from several companies to precede to work. Which choice will the bests for me be?

             Can I expect put salary increase or do continue I on the current amount?

             I want gladly follow that course but experience only tegenwerking. What can I do nevertheless that course be able go follow?

             I follow a course but make themselves very or I these, however, finish within the certain time. Where do I have pay attention possibly extra?

             I want gladly old day supplies. Where can I will convene the bests in?

             I have certain shares. Which of it will show koersstijgingen or falls?

             I want set up its own company. Go me this to succeed and do I will deserve with that a good salary?

             I want stop with my work and its own company to set up. Is that judicious?

             I wants will gladly start something for mezelf but weet not yet exact in which direction I must zoeken that. What is appropriate at me?


For companies Miranda give also individual (companies) readings within the framework of personeelsfeest.

Experience learns that people very appreciating to get personal reading from an office party.

This works approachably and the result is a complete insight of the person himself.

The employer profits of this, since the persons do not dare take the step private to a clairvoyant this way rapidly.


Reading questions


Negative energy and voodoo patterns are taken away during a telephone consultation or a consultation in practice. My sjamaanse energy flow to the consultant and repair this way a large part of the energetic field of the concerning person.

Possibly with several blossoms the energetic field of the consultant can be extra reinforced.

The questions which she gets among other things put in practice and are answered several:

             My relation does not run nice, what is there wrong?

             I have a relation, but my partner wants choose not yet definite for me. Does this will happen, however?

             I have become amorous on another one, but weet not or these feelings reciprocal are.

             I am amorous on another one, but want my partner not pain do. For who do I will choose?

             I think that I want choose for that other one, but audacity the step to take. Other one the zit, however, me to push. What do I have do?

             My ex I have not seen being for a long time, but I weet that we both still crazy on each other. Do we will take up the wire and how goes that to happen?

             A third stokes in our relation. How can I come there as from?

             My partner treated me as a child. How do I come choose in my strength for mezelf?

             Why do I commission always the found oneself partners and how can I that change?

             How do I improve the communication with my partner without it turns out immediately on a fight?

             How I improve the communication with my child without those walk away

             I become hyper of the hyper behaviour of my child. Does that my energy take over and how can I screen that?

             My house animal is hyper. Do those my hyper take over feeling and what there can I do to?

             My house animal is aggressive. That false or does sit there is a deeper lying problem?

             Nobody takes me seriously. I can shout, but nobody listens. What I do found oneself. Which indicator do I deliver?

             My child functions on school and complains concerning head pain and locks up itself frequently in its/its own chamber. Are those depressive?

             My work no longer pleases me. My family can no longer oblige me. Do I do have burn out or have I my job will change?

             A family member lies in coma. Comes that still?

             Familid feel themselves not at all nice. It goes zienderogen reverse. That obtaining does still go?

             My child scrapes itself. What can I do reduce this? Eaar come that from?

             Has my child/partner anger attacks. Where does that anger come from?

             We have got kindje exactly. Everything seemed this way nice and now hate we in fact each other. Where has it gone wrong?

             How do I involve my partner more in the family?

             It feels as if I by nobody am understood.

             I a person, to learn who feels as my twin soul has known. Have we been predestined for each other?

             Which training is appropriate the bests at my child. That finishing does also go?

             I have enough of all that family obligations. How can I express that without causing brawl?

             The man of a girlfriend has had an accident only how is unknown. How is that gone?

             The burial which has got the man. Was he with that glad?

             My partner has me firstly to leave for another one and has now returned. Can he does remain now, however, and I him now still trust?

             My partner wants that I go entirely for the family and I cannot will study further and work. How do I nevertheless choose for mezelf?

             My partner wants a next child but I not. Do I will get still a next child?

             Someone wants return from the foreign country. Does that get person papers round?

             My child has been traumatised in youth. What has happened?

             My child has been maltreated. Does declaration have be done there and what is the consequentie's?

             My child sleeps badly and sees spirits. How do I go with that for?

             My partner is depressive. That to does itself will strike as what?

             In house I experience always paranormal phenomena. What means them and which a message wants pass on there?

             I have the feeling which someone is at me. Who is that?

             I want make gladly contact with a deceased and this way gladly still ask want put on which I answer never have had?

             Do I will move soon?

             Do I will leave for abroad?

             How do I get myself on the rails in living?

             My horse pants and runs enough more. What is there to the hand?

             I forget of everything. Do I have already Alzheimer?

             How do I develop my paranormal capacities?

             I have the idea that someone black magic applies or voodoo at me. How do I remove that?

             Can I apply voodoo at someone?

             I have nocturnal resignations. How do I have handle with that?

             I have strange dreams. What do they do want tell me?

             How am I possible me best screening negative energy?


Sjamanisme are a manner of life by inner increase and conscience.

There its sjamanen who or overerving sjamanen have become or people who by a long-term and heavy apprenticeship, this means, which they had frequently endure sicknesses, able natural and cosmic strengths are use to repair a certain disruption in the total balance of strengths or imminent disruptions to keep out.

Sjamanisme are at the same time mystic and magic. The origin lies in Siberia where the sjamanen can make DIRECT contact with the spirit world. The medecine men/women of other domestic peoples must use for this several resources.

Sjamanisme are no religion and cannot be taught. Students of modern sjamanisme to sjamaan, but give students train the possibility for practising sjamanisme as a spiritual search.


The sjamanisme looks at to entirety of living and zoekt the natural harmonie between the areas which are divided normally in medical, psychological and social aspects.


On all these areas have the sjamanisme another look and add them moreover to a delicate whole of which the harmonie or the balance of substantial importance for our life and especially quality is of it.


Medically from the sjamanisme in total an other manner to the body it is looked at there. There no separation between body and spirit exists. Instead of entering the body, the sickness is obtained to outside. Healed of the sickness takes place at a level where has not yet separated body and spirit. Moreover kruiden are used. It is not certainly this way that a sjamaan can heal all sicknesses.


The emphasis on the relation between the patient and the sjamaan lies psychologically. The will healed to is activated and with the spiritual strength of the sjamaan itself uses to start a cicatrisation process. These form have been aimed at obtaining personal strength. The sjamaan and client are mentally frequently stronger with each other joined than doctor and patient. The picture of the sjamaan as victim faith healer, based on Jungiaanse the ideas of a analyticus, includes pictures of its own vulnerability of the sjamaan and of its/its strength. This is no contradiction, since strength has been based on vulnerability.


There a large emphasis on bringing back the patient lies socially to the position which him or her belongs to. Each sickness places someone outside the family relation and outside its work situation. Both can be the cause of the sickness.


For tracing sicknesses the sjamaan uses of a form of clairvoyance which also a powerful eye is called. This passes on the possibility the external phenomena gone of looking at if sensitive have escaped for all kinds of aspects which ordinary people.


Many sjamanen are able people on distance be able influence. They can aim angry and good strengths. They are possible certain idea golves and beelden to catch and transmit. thereby forms meditation or half-bewuste dream state in which they are alert on supernatural phenomena, is used.


According to the Siberische sjamanen the eagle is the first sjamaan who to the ground was sent to assist and heal people in their suffering. Peoples also other consider the eagle as direct messenger who can transfer sjamanistische the strengths to people.


Also eagle feathers are frequently used at a cicatrisation ceramics to sweep the sjamaan or patient concerning the body of and this way the auras to sweep clean.


The clothing and head ornament of sjamanen have been also frequently decorated with all kinds of types bounce to express the capacity to flies.


Flying has however a mainly spiritual character and indicates on the capacity for here, on this ground and at each moment, the body to leave. With that the sjamaan a temporary separation achieves between body and spirit where normally spoken only death is able.


This magical flight gives tevens to that the conscience level on which we live usually only of the landing places are. Taking off are escape to the normal conscience level and taking off to other levels in which other forms of knowledge are present.


The soul of the sjamaan must relieve. He/she must radiate of a strong inner self slightly all that what is in darkness, everything what kind of ordinary knowing and reasoning hidden is, visible makes. This supernatural reduction manisfesteert when the sjamaan speaks or explains himself experiences to others. Of a sjamaan whose interpretations for the luistenaar dark remain, one says; its soul is not seen, he does not burn, he does not radiate.


The insight does not have be veiled, the interview sharp. This means that the sjamaan must be able the pictures which appear in trance for its spirit clearly to distinguish and the supernatural votes which to him to speak to understand.


The sjamaan is powerful healer, because he/she obtains by a another conscience level to those layers where a traumatism has fixed himself and is possible these that level repairs.

The sjamaan can make also contact with deceasedes. Sjamaan means litterally; he/they those weet.

For the sjamaan the time relatively and the space are kneedbaar. As a result, he/she can function in several dimensions without touching there by in the war. Thereby a sjamaan sees mostly in symbols.


In Africa voodoo a magical ritual of the sjamanisme is. However means as white magic.


Music, dancing and sjamaanse ecstasy meet in the sjamaanse drum. Many sjamanen have to the drum or hallucinogenic resources necessary in trance come. Only the large sjamanen need be able function nothing in ecstasy/trance.


Sjamanistische the world view


For the east where the sun rises, for the north where heat from comes, for the south where it slightly seems, for the west where the sun undergoes, for father sun, for mother ground…


In mytische the time the past is continuously present as a possibility directly with divine of coming into contact. At the same time the responsibility for the future melts the present with the past and is.


Helderzien with closed eyes


Dreams, symbols, fantasia and reality stand in several cultures in several proportions to each other. Where in the west distinguish the dream is of reality, the dream reality is in the sjamaanse culture.


For the sjamanen the everyday world and the dream world have been interwoven with each other and are the dream experience a concrete perception. The beteft indeed another perception world then the everyday world, but these are just as concrete. The sjamaan is in search of particular reality and it is even possible him weerzien if the someone can will in an aware manner dream world within take back knowledge from that.


In the sjamaanse culture the symbolic conscience likewise reality is such as the everyday reality. Around the everyday and not-real fantasie there is a type third werkelijkheidsdimentie. This third reality or third conscience layer, is himself also in the sjamaanse dream world.


This symbolic conscience level are able reach, must a initiatie take place. New already old dying must to become. At the initiatie to see you that people in a crisis find oneself where is made clear that he are physical and earthly existence to on certain altitude must give up. To be attention must will oneself aim at higher strengths and influences. The fight which he contracts is a real fight. By effectively distance doing of its body and to die, he is conducted concerning the borders and restrictions of the ordinary time.


The sjamaan not only lies frequently real on dies and fears one for its life. Also when this case is not, is what he experiences this way indringend that he does effectively distance of living and thereby the rigid seizure on reality releases.


Just in this conscience situation symbols can reveal their meaning. This meaning is therefore a live meaning which is not in books of references to find. The symbolic tale or the symbolic image becomes suddenly clear. It does not concern zomaar betekenisgeving, but the revelation of something that of meaning for him or its life is. The symbolic conscience is a deepening conscience that living in already its swell can experience.


The inauguration in the symbolic conscience is in releasing trusted confessed laborious process. In short, already old releasing.


That really look at creates another quality of to observe, a conscience shift which you feel act. You have the feeling as if your dizzy becomes. then you feel that there something in the brain happen. Then the pictures come.


In fact it is no pleasure for sjamaan, of being because frequently arrive you in an isolation because of admiration for magical strengths, but one is also frightened. It is possible finally also against your uses becomes.


I have been already given to the power which governs my destiny,

and attaches itself to nothing, so that I have nothing to defend.

I have no ideas, so that I can see.

I fear nothing, so that I can remind myself.

Peaceful and onthecht.

Me lets the eagle go.



My talent

As 10 an one year old little girl I got my first homoeopathic book in hands. It was the small doctor of Dr. A. Vogel. I read to the end it entirely and learned all medecines from my head. In the course of the years I am more and more will read concerning homeopathy and psychology. My mother always said, who it was my direction, my vocation. Eventually am I keep the books will study and continued homeopathy, psychology, nature medicine and blossom therapy there beside study.

With my father I started a number of years suffered a practice in nature medicine and started I work with Vega-test. My father worked as a sjamaan.

My mother got a lord tumour and lay at a given moment very critical in the hospital. My mother had in former days already dreamed that she would become not old, something to its head would get and blind and will have in below part of a hospital to see itself. Now she lay blind on the intensive care. Tenacious, I thought its hand….ma… gives me to be able keep something nevertheless after your dead with your contact.

In the following two weeks I started take over head pains of other people. Since I have been raised very on an empty stomach and by my former belief also anti-occult was, I thought that it could not exist paranormal really. All those tales concerning see helderzien and future. How did someone come then? Of course I saw how my father handled its talent, how everything were correct what he said. It, however, my father therefore there was possible I was not for gone. Others trusted I however not.

On the day that my mother died, I held someone to the hand and felt everything of that person in my own body. At the places where it person had also charge. Full disbelief and stupefaction followed still several of these experiences. Initially I did not think… this am possible. In fact I continued resist itself also against this nonsense. I had never believed in.

In the course of the years it at this form… the heldervoelen did not remain. The strengths in my body always more strongly developed. On given moment I had hold nobody more and I felt everything already.

Full stupefaction I have looked at the previous years always to mezelf. I had make efforts firstly still to am possible heldervoelen….it became a component of my life. However, was all that feel very incriminating.

I got concluding with no possibility for each other. Since I am no type for meditation in which form thus, I zocht to something to be able close nevertheless mezelf finished. For not entirely empty to be if someone had been in my neighborhood, all those ultrasounds always but to take. I found these blossoms certain in the form of a mix of. In the so much time my shutters as I call it but, go however once open and must I that mix take to remain in mezelf.

Later also the helderzien came. I was for that this way frightened. Heldervoelen feel I in my own body. Now I had been developed this way far, I could trust also entirely my feeling. Helderzien were nevertheless a complete different one something. How know did I what I saw, which this was correct? Which weet drunk I there, however, beside. Also there inner strength had come in me. The helderzien go frequently accompanied by seeing symbols where I get an explanation.

Chanellen, talking with deceasedes were a very emotional experience. Many tears flowed with the person who gladly had the contact with a deceased person. Here too the increase was trust to in what what I received.

Future to see came later. This was still more violent than heldervoelen and the helderzien in the form which I had developed. Also this will mostly be paired with seeing symbols and an associated explanation which I hear in my head.

Since some time I have had also sjamaanse have dreamed that one time the predicting to be and other time a symbolic meaning have passed on of certain situatie's which busy is or come go. Also this a complete different aspect in my life has become. Knowing that if you will sleep the next morning can pictures have received which messages contain.

All those years in former days I had never believed in the things which I now myself am possible, however. The previous years have been particularly violent. I have changed of a normal person in someone who works, however, in normal living, but nevertheless in a different way in living stands. In a different way to living looks at, sees and feels.

All gaves are always present and never at a moment have been really eliminated. I have to learn life. In former days I found it, however, nice these gaves to have got, until someone indicated me that it is not at all nice, but very beautiful.

I realised itself then, I indeed with these gaves many people and animals can that help, because I can feel in my body what has something up people and animal, can see in the spirit what there wrong is, which direction someone must go on or what will there happen, but also mostly have to the correct homoeopathic medecines and blossoms help someone effectively.

The sjamanisme in my life conception are, which body and spirit are. Both must become in assessment brought to lead to cicatrisation.

By my context and my strong development in the previous years, I have still remained the sober Miranda which to rituals, pictures and other spiritual forms do not do come in trance. Already I must say that by vele strong present strengths, I can no longer touch from the zweefstand.

I must purely my energy at the person/animal aim where the question concerns and then gets I then answers. Both if it concerns living and deceasedes. It is beautiful also, that how more targeted the questions is, how more targeted the answers come.

As a sjamaan am open I now continuously and pass through I my own life and those of another one that on consultation come.

The way to find in your life,

is the way find in yourself.


can take place just,

if there is acceptance of living himself.

Life lets come,

as coming must.

Inner strength recognise,

inner strength feel.

The eventual change,

on the correct life path give.

The completing,

of yourself.



Consultation reading/scan 50 euro for 3/4 hour by person or by animal

Consultation reading/scan with blossom essence 70 euro 3/4 hour by person or animal

E-mail consultation and telefone consultation reading/scan are each 50 euro exclusively at payment in advance. Sending the therapy is 20 euro extra for the essences and 15 euro extra for sending costs. Total amount is 85 euro.

Essences without consultation is to pick up (scan 50 + essences 20) 70 euro by person or by animal. To send essences (scan 50 + essences 20 + 15 sending costs) 85 euro by person or by animal

Consultation business is also by telephone possible. Price on appointment.

Workshop sjamanisme/paranormal development; 4 time an hour according to appointment. Workshop will be given in for 250 euro incluiding 4 essences. Payment in advance. In consultation also in periods to satisfy. This will be 70 euro each worskhop consultation.

Continuation route workshop sjamanisme/paranormal development; by time 70 euro incl. essence





Miranda Custic Schellinghout

Meppelrade 143

2544 XN Den Haag



phone 06-57 12 00 32


E-mail and telephone are exclusively for to make consultation appointments, not for correspondence.

Opened and thelephonically contactable on working days between 11 and 17 hours. Closed after 17 hour and in the weekend and on holidays

ING bank

account number 555 25 08

M.T. Schellingerhout in The Hague




I am

as none other one

I only live

but not solitary


is that the word

is it mine inner ask

there is, as it happens, nobody

that thinks the same

feels and sees

no connection

not earthly

not spiritual

true of rituals

I remain


in the higher conscience

what and for which

this my path is

or my life destiny

priced by this way many



on an island

in the middle of the ocean

it is difficult

for living

in all its reality

to edure

contemporary solicitting

for everyone

a manner of life

of think

go to me beyond

floating haste

I live through a life

that myself

frequently do not understand

have everything been already predestined?

have everyting been already fixed?

which tribulations

poeple must endure

to be

which you are

which you become

inner strength

total harmonie

body and spirit in assessment

but for which or who

if your realises

that you will be always differently

the feeling goes deeper

more emotionally


far beyond

that makes the island

very terrible far

itself in the ocean